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Weekend Projects

April 1st, 2012 | Posted by Emma in Crafts | Uncategorized

Last weekend when my husband and oldest son went on a trip, Brennan and I got a little extra “project time”…here are few of the fun projects we did.

1. Stripey T-shirt Bunny:

I used an old 3T little boys t-shirt, stitched and stuffed according to the directions by Chez Beeper Bebe here. I couldn’t find the right size pom pom, so I quick made one out of yarn. Brennan was amazed that I could make a pom pom!! So easily impressed, he is!


2. Colored Tote Bag

Brennan has a lot of fun with the fabric markers, he colored a white hat (sorry, didn’t get a photo!). Then I pulled out white cotton duck canvas, so the finished drawing could be a tote bag. We both colored a little on a masterpiece of a hot air balloon above a city and he “practiced his numbers” on the other side. I think it turned out great!

Obviously, I could have done better with the binding and straps, but Brennan was very impatient and I had to speed through the whole process! He thought it took “soooooo long,” but I think we did the whole tote bag in 3o minutes total!!

I’m working on a tutorial for this project, I’ll post it in the projects page when it’s done!


3. Juggling balls

Brennan didn’t help me with this one at all. In fact, he’s not as fascinated with the results as I am either. Juggling is too hard! But I love these little cuties! And I love that they were made with four little rectangles of bright fabric.

Here’s the tutorial for this one. It’s from Living with Punks. Although the author claims that the corners might be too tough to do it on the sewing machine and recommends hand-sewing. I am all for hand-work, but I did one by hand and decided to try the machine. I thought it was much easier by machine. Lots of little starts and stops at each little corner and it helped when I marked the 1/4″ seam allowance (like you do for making baby blocks!) But I loved the whole process, very fun! I also can’t put them down! Filled with plastic pellets they are absolutely irresistible to toss around.

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