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Website Redesign

March 17th, 2008 | Posted by Emma in All | Design

You may have noticed that my website changed a little. I kept the same graphics and feel, but I’ve recreated it for better search engine optimization. (So I hope!) This means that there is now more text, as text, and fewer images that contain text. That way the search engines can read my site and catalog it.

I expanded the table a bit, as I’m thinking people have bigger screens these days. I know, lots of you are on laptops, but, my brother just got a 24″ screen Mac, so I know some folks out there are upgrading!! (Lucky you!) I also updated my nav bar and changed the background color from black to a softer gray.

Original Homepage
Original Website

Redesigned Site

Website Redesign
Search engine optimization is a complex topic and I have just begun to research it. I found a couple good articles, but have lost the links! When I find them again, I will post. is one good place to start reading, if you’re interested.

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