by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, artist & quilter

I just got some fun online toys from an online web-design course I’m taking…that I think would be great for quilters!! That’s right, web designers AND quilters. Color scheme generators!! Later we can talk about the more traditional ways, such as finding inspiration in nature, art, photos THE COLOR WHEEL, etc. but for now, just play with this free technology and maybe even challenge yourself to make a quilt out of it!

Click on the little square box in the lower right. Choose a color, any color in that rainbow, to be your FOCAL color, then click ok. Then you can move around the sliders to see what other colors you get to go with it.

I also like this one: Color Wheel Spinner…It just gives you three random colors!! You’d be surprised at how many random color sets look good together! Go click SPIN

Have a colorful day!

UPDATE: I just found another widget that actually does what I suggested (using a photo to create your color scheme!) Try this, it’s really cool!! (click the file radio button, then find a photo)

Website Redesign

March 17th, 2008 | Posted by Emma in All | Design - (0 Comments)

You may have noticed that my website changed a little. I kept the same graphics and feel, but I’ve recreated it for better search engine optimization. (So I hope!) This means that there is now more text, as text, and fewer images that contain text. That way the search engines can read my site and catalog it.

I expanded the table a bit, as I’m thinking people have bigger screens these days. I know, lots of you are on laptops, but, my brother just got a 24″ screen Mac, so I know some folks out there are upgrading!! (Lucky you!) I also updated my nav bar and changed the background color from black to a softer gray.

Original Homepage
Original Website

Redesigned Site

Website Redesign
Search engine optimization is a complex topic and I have just begun to research it. I found a couple good articles, but have lost the links! When I find them again, I will post. is one good place to start reading, if you’re interested.