by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, artist & quilter

Violet Sashiko Round Quilt

July 31st, 2011 | Posted by Emma in Quilting | Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

Looks like I took July off from blogging! I didn’t mean too, but I guess it got away from me. Isn’t that how summer goes?!

But I’ve had a fun summer so far. We just got done with Grandma Ginny’s second visit of the summer. Here’s a photo of her with the boys, in front of a lovely fairy tale quilt she made for Brennan a while back. We didn’t get much time to sew together this visit, but we did have a good time.

On my sewing table right now is a small group/guild project, a quilt for a veteran. Here is a not very flattering photo of the work in progress. Each of my small group members made a set of blocks, now I am sewing those into the rows and adding borders.

I’m also making yo yos in any spare moments I’m sitting down with my hands free…so here’s a basket with my progress. I’m half done with the count I need for my yo yo quilt!!  I saw a blogger with a  yo yo sew-along that I considered joining, but hers calls for more than 1,000 yo yos!! I’m thinking 409 is plenty for me for one project. I’m already itching to get stitching them unto a background. But then I have to decide which color the background will be and buy the yardage! I’m a little afraid of making that decision!

Now for the project I previewed in my last post…the Violet Sashiko Round Quilt. I need a good name for it still, obviously. But I designed this fun little circle quilt for my small group’s “Solids Challenge” to use solid fabrics in a project. I broke the rules with the binding…but I think you’ll agree, it was worth it. The binding has a purple and white dotty design that shows off the sashiko stitches fabulously!

I really wish I had a cute little round table to put this on!

The flowers are the Folded Rose from Rebecca Wat’s Book “Fantastic Fabric Folding.

Well, that’s all I have to show you for now, have a great summer Sunday!



Doodle Stitching 2

January 30th, 2011 | Posted by Emma in All - (2 Comments)

I just wanted to quick show you what I did with my cute little doodle stitches after I made two more!

First, I actually considered (and this is almost a first for me!) what I should do with them!! I mean, I wondered what room I could display them in and in what way! I decided that they really needed to be in my sewing studio, BUT I don’t have any wall space for three little quilties, and there’s no bed or comfy seating for pillows, so I decided they should be little sachets that hang because I have lots of little doorknobs and hooks that they could live on! I filled them with a little lavendar and stuffing and…perfect, little sachets to brighten my dreary old drawers! (At least until the boys claim them, Conal really wants the mushroom one, but I said they should stay together) I think maybe there are some Mario sachets in my future….but that would be too funny!!

Happy Stitching!

And thanks again Aimee Ray!! All three of these cute designs were from the book  “Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection.”

Doodle Stitch Along

January 29th, 2011 | Posted by Emma in All - (1 Comments)

Did you happen to see Aimee Ray’s “Doodle Stitch Along” at She has free patterns from her new book “Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection” and a flickr site so you can show off what you’ve done! Here are the cute kids I sewed…

Then, the best part is, there was a giveaway and I WON!!! I got the new book in the mail a couple days ago! I love it! It came with a few needles, a beautiful assortment of green floss and two cute little embroidery hoops! Lucky me!!

I love the project ideas that Aimee Ray comes up with! They’re such creative ways to use embroidery, not just in a hoop on the wall…but all her designs are so cute they would look adorable just in a hoop too! In fact, I’m having a really tough time deciding which to stitch next!

I’ve been a fan of Aimee’s since the first book, “Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners “. I have it in my library and love looking at it. But I got it after I started designing quilties, so I really didn’t use the patterns because I was too busy coming up with new designs of my own! (Yes, I guess I’m an Aimee Ray wanna be!) But I think now I can have some fun with these cute patterns AND come up with some more of my own…I love embroidering enough to go around!