by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, artist & quilter

Project Quilting Off-season

May 12th, 2011 | Posted by Emma in All | Quilting - (0 Comments)

I have been working on my challenge about the colors of my initials, but I just finished it last night, not by the Sunday deadline. I blame soccer and seam ripping!

But I thought you might be interested in seeing the Project Quilting pieces that were submitted…

Very pretty, huh?! From left to right, top row: Uniquely Nancy “Starry, Starry Night shoulder bag”, Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting “Marcia’s Tiny Treasures, ForQuiltsSake “Celebrate Your Differences” and bottom row: Kim Lapacek “The Tree”, AllthingsBelle “Garden Party, and Diane Lapacek “Pansy Fury”

I love the last two.

Middle bottom row, AllThingsBelle, said she had been wanting to try the “Sprockets” pattern. I think she’s talking about the same one I have on my ironing board (from Cluck, Cluck, Sew)…so that was fun to see. I love the embroidery hoop idea! I’ve also been wanting to try that as a mounting technique.

And lastly, Diane’s is gorgeous! She has been a judge for most (if not all) of PQ, so it was fun to see what she did with the challenge! It’s obvious she’s a great choice for a judge, her work is amazing. The color scheme is really cool, the design is interesting and the quilting intense! I’m not sure I like the lower left hand corner. She says it was for balance with the curves, but somehow it’s just too much of a contrast without anything tying them together in one composition. (except the intense colors, which by the way, she dyed herself!!)

The others are great too! I can’t believe Kim was still getting that quilt done just before her new baby was born!

So go read their stories and look closer if you’d like at Kim’s Crafty Apple….

I’ll show you mine tomorrow. Now I want to wait until after my small group meeting tonight to post a pic, so none of those friends see it here before they see it at our “reveal.”

Initials/Colors Challenge

May 3rd, 2011 | Posted by Emma in All | Quilting - (2 Comments)

Progress report…this is a really fun project!!

Step 1: Go to paint store and marvel at all the pretty colors! DONE!

Step 2: Try not to draw too much attention to yourself grabbing almost every swatch…too bad they don’t place all the swatches in the holders with their names showing. Anyway, DONE.

Step 3: Find all the color names that start with my initials. I’m working with Emma Lea Thomas-McGinnis. E L T M.

Step 4: Start looking at color combinations. Then start matching the swatches to my fabrics and finding combinations of fabrics I already have. (Can’t do another trip to JoAnn today, so I have to find the right fabrics here!)

I actually found way more close matches than I thought I would!!

Making combinations with only one of each initial was tricky. (I really wanted to use Mermaid Water Dance AND Monet Lily at the same time, but that wouldn’t fit the challenge!)

Picking names I liked was almost as much fun as picking colors. Some of my favorites…

Elephant Skin
Lullaby Green
Tropical Lagoon
Medieval Forest
Mirage Lake

but those were the ones I didn’t have fabrics for. Twilight chimes, egg yolk, maple leaf and Maine Lobster were pretty good too!

The chosen color scheme was finalized when I saw this perfect complementary floral, a great blender for all the colors.

So, Everlasting, Lantana, Mermaid Water Dance, Traditional it is.
And here’s the pattern I’m designing…

I’m not sure now, if the sashing fabric will give it enough contrast with the blocks. It might all match too well, if you know what I mean!! Maybe I’ll have to add some kind of embellishment. It’s also a pretty straightforward design and a little traditional. Something I haven’t done in a while with other Project Quilting projects, so it’s refreshing and new in that way. Should be pleasing and pretty.

Weird that the teal is not showing up in the photos as green as I see it. It really pops in real life. I can’t decide yet if the blocks need one or two leaves.

But there’s my progress. Hope to show you a completed quilt soon!

Happy Spring!

oh, almost forgot Step 5: Enjoy spring with some real life lavender-colored flowers! (and a sweet boy!)

Off Season Challenge Coincidence

April 25th, 2011 | Posted by Emma in All | Quilting - (0 Comments)

Project Quilting and my “Seams Sew Easy” small group have collided this month by issuing the same challenge!!!

So I’m thinking about color names and my initials…ELTM (project quilting doesn’t allow 5 initials, though I have them!) The only difference in the two challenges is that my small group specified I find the color names on paint chips! So I’m not using Lavender, I’m going to find something exotic like “Elite Wisteria” or “Little Pond.” (those are actual names I just found using’s ColorSmart tool! This is going to be fun.

Here’s the link to the Project Quilting Off-season Challenge if you’d like to join me. You never have to commit to the whole season to join Project Quilting, but this is even more low-key…so if you’ve been waiting to join in, now’s the time!!

p.s. I hope my Seams Sew Easy friends post their projects on the Project Quilting group!