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I just finished another Project Quilting weekend…and it was a toughy! I’ve had trouble with this one from the very beginning. I started thoughts on about three different projects and when I had a great idea…it still didn’t go very smoothly! BUT, the results were really worth it!! So, oh well, better luck next time!

Here’s the finished quilt.
The voting is up here.

and the story…

Why does spray paint come in such basic colors? That’s the thought I had in the hardware store looking at the rows of red, yellow, blue, and white. Moving a little further down the aisle, yes, there are the paint chips that offer a wider rainbow of colors…but still, I started thinking about my stash of fabric and the wide range of possibilities there in comparison to that aisle of spray paint!! How lucky are quilters?!

This quilt is 45″ x 33″. It is all pieced. There is a clear vinyl pocket on the bottom, holding real paint swatches from the hardware store (who can resist grabbing those as you walk by?!) The 1″ inner blue border is the exact blue of painter’s tape (the third item from the challenge).

Here are some other photos. The inspiration:

Here are some of the working stages. I started with the center, an abstracted version of the spray paint cans on the shelves of the hardware store. I sketched it unto a big piece of brown paper and then started to piece it. It was basically free-style piecing…making stripes and then laying them down on the sketch and trimming to the right size.

Then I wanted to incorporate the paint swatches from the hardware store and I wanted to include the actual swatches, they were just so beautiful. At the hardware store they are stored in clear slots so they make a beautiful visual impact, so I did the same thing with a vinyl pocket!

The painter’s tape border was pretty fun! I needed some tape for quilt-sandwiching anyway, so I picked some up at the hardware store and held it up at the fabric store until I found the perfect blue. The size is 1″, because that was the most common size tape to buy at the hardware store!

Lastly the outer border was to be a wide array of quilting fabric. I started just trimming the size I wanted out of all my scraps and laying them out in a nice sequence. Before you know it I had a rainbow going and started to get obsessive about making it a continuous rainbow around the quilt!! This ended up taking the most time and I was really feeling crazy while working on it. But now I know that it really made the quilt spectacular!

You could say that I was really crazy when I went to my computer and drafted the corner pieces for paper-piecing so that they would turn around so nicely! But I think that was worth it for the wow factor too!

I don’t know why I can’t just think of quick and easy projects! Next challenge, my extra challenge to myself will be to come up with something so clever and brilliant because of it’s simplicity and ease of construction, not necessarily the coolest idea.

’til then, I’m proud of what I accomplished last week!

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Kim's Crafty Apple

I just got some fun online toys from an online web-design course I’m taking…that I think would be great for quilters!! That’s right, web designers AND quilters. Color scheme generators!! Later we can talk about the more traditional ways, such as finding inspiration in nature, art, photos THE COLOR WHEEL, etc. but for now, just play with this free technology and maybe even challenge yourself to make a quilt out of it!

Click on the little square box in the lower right. Choose a color, any color in that rainbow, to be your FOCAL color, then click ok. Then you can move around the sliders to see what other colors you get to go with it.

I also like this one: Color Wheel Spinner…It just gives you three random colors!! You’d be surprised at how many random color sets look good together! Go click SPIN

Have a colorful day!

UPDATE: I just found another widget that actually does what I suggested (using a photo to create your color scheme!) Try this, it’s really cool!! (click the file radio button, then find a photo)

Graphic Designer Tests

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Yes, I’m mostly posting quilting and embroidering stuff here at my newly named blog “Quiltie Comments”…but by day, I’m a graphic designer. It’s a pretty fun job!! Here’s a couple graphic designer play things, in case you don’t believe me that it’s a very fun job!

So much fun! You’ve got to try this, if not just to see the pretty color strips at the end.

And this one is fun if you are a font-lover, like me. (See, I made it into the Hall of Fame!)