by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, artist & quilter

Whew! I almost missed this…

Here’s another chance to surf through lots of amazing quilts all in one easy set of links. Amy’s Creative Side is the hostess with the mostest. Go check out all beautiful quilts (and maybe find a few favorite new bloggers to follow.)

For any guests who have found me from the festival…WELCOME!! I hope you enjoy this one quilt and even have a little extra time to browse the rest of my blog. Please leave a comment or join me with facebook or google friend connect to let me know you’re here. Happy Quilting!!

My quilt is called “Buttonwillow.” It is an original-design, small, quilted wall-hanging I  made it as part of Project Quilting (at Kim’s Crafty Apple). The challenge was to make a quilt with the same name as a city. Buttonwillow, CA was the city name that I chose and the piece is a pretty literal interpretation of that…but in itself is also just a really nice piece. I love that it is still a nice quilt even if you know nothing about the challenge. I even sold it in my Etsy shop, so I kind of miss it, but am happy to know that it is being enjoyed by someone out there!

I especially like the three-dimensional details of this quilt and learned that audiences really do too. It won first place in the contest and got lots of great feedback from people who loved the buttons (who doesn’t love buttons?! the more the better!), the way the leaves come out of the border and even off the edge of the quilt and the frayed edges of the inner background. I also really like the hanging tabs, something I think I’d like to try on other mini quilts I make in the future. Previously I had only used them for curtains, you know!

Thanks for visiting! And thank you, Amy, for the fun, quilty festival! Click the button above to see the rest of the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival

May 28th, 2010 | Posted by Emma in All | Quilting - (19 Comments)

I’m participating in the third Blogger’s Quilt Festival!
Please read about my special quilt story below, then click the button and go browse the other entries to your hearts content…there are so many beautiful quilts and quilt stories, you’ll be amazed!!! Enjoy!

The quilt I want to share with you is one that’s been done since last fall, but I actually had to go out and take a photograph of it this evening. I hadn’t snapped a pic of it before, because I had to give it to my husband the minute I cut the last thread. (Actually, he had it over his lap while I was sewing on the binding!) This is the second Halloween quilt that I made for my husband, Dave. You might remember, the first quilt I made for him was stolen in a burglary last summer. He was so sad because he said that quilt had been the best gift anyone had ever made for him (awww!)  So, of course, I had to replace it in the only way I could, make him another one!

I hunted down some of the fabrics online and had fun picking out new halloween novelty prints, then I set to work remaking the same pattern. I don’t think I’ve ever remade the same pattern twice, so it was a new experience. I’m not going to start a habit of doing that, but it was fun to see my technique improving and efficiency improving as I whipped through another time!  (It had been less than a year since I made the first quilt.) I offered to improve it in any way he saw fit and his suggestion was to make it bigger! So, of course, I did. I added to extra rows and one column, making it a lot bigger and taking a lot more work. But it’s now very nice to share on the couch. Who said a lap quilt has to fit over only one lap?! Needless to say, he loves his “new” quilt.

NOW, go look at all the other wonderful quilts in the festival!! And be ready to click a while, you won’t want to quit!