by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, artist & quilter

Baby Quilt for Jenna

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Hi! I have another baby quilt project to tell you about. This one my mom and I worked on together for our family friend, Assi, and her new baby. Assi, from Finland, lived with us as a foreign exchange student in high school, so we consider her part of the family. She calls me aunt Emma!! I really hope to meet her daughter someday. We made this in the spring, but I didn’t want to write about it until the quilt was received in Finland. Now I can gaze at the photos she sent me of her sweet baby on her quilt! (more…)

Baby Quilt for Jonah

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My small group (minus one) made a group project together (for the one) again…something we seem to do quite often for a group only a few years old. And this was one of the most fun!!  It was for Jonah, Dawn’s baby boy. We started it before he was born, but he is here now and wonderful! I got to hold him at the guild meeting last week and it was such a joy!  Anyway, we also knew that Dawn already had plans for the nursery. It is a colorful room based on the monsters quilt I made this winter (and she bought). So we looked for a colorful design for our quilt and found this by Red Pepper Quilts. (more…)


I’ve been playing in the modern quilter’s world…the piecing that isn’t perfect, just stick it on, sew across and maybe trim…and it’s really, really fun!

From this fabric by Carolyn Gavin called “Spring Street” that had colorful borders…I decided to frame the blocks with a wonky Courthouse Steps.

Which is just a fancy way of saying that I sewed a strip to the top and bottom to each block, then a strip to each side, then to the top and bottom, over and over. I tried to make the strips all different sizes and colors in each block, so they are really fun and interesting to look at.

I only had half as many panels as I need to finish the quilt, so I am making plain courthouse steps for every other block…

So it will look like this:

Another fun block is the Wonky Roman Stripe, from “Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee” (Love this book by the way!!)

Sew strips onto one side of a triangle and then trim into a square.

So, I’ve stayed away from this kind of project for a little longer than necessary, just because I really didn’t like the word “W0nky” to describe it, but improvisational, liberated or modern, whatever you want to call it, it really is fun to just get piecing and not need it to be perfectly straight or matched up.

Have you tried it? What blocks have you made “Wonky?”

Lil Monsters

November 5th, 2011 | Posted by Emma in Quilting | Uncategorized - (3 Comments)

I’m working on a super-fun project and I’ve been dying to show you my progress, but I had to wait for my replacement camera cord to arrive in the mail. It did just 10 minutes ago!! Here’s what I’ve been working on!

There! Those were the most fun pics! Before you start thinking I’m that clever, know that Kellie of “Don’t Look Now” is the author of this very fun pattern called “Lil Monsters” here’s her blog post about it. Please click the link to see the whole quilt pattern, it’s pretty great!

Here’s a few in progress pics, which I had hoped to show you last weekend.

I used my fiskars circle cutter to cut a whole lot of freezer paper circles.


I had fun making striped fabric out of plain fabrics.This will be cut into triangles for the border.

The most fun, of course, are the monsters!

I’m loving Lite Steam a Seam 2 fusible web. I’ll have to write a post about that later, but it is the best stuff for making fusible applique easy!

Hope you’re liking it too, Paxton’s Mommy!