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Shaving Cream Marbling Tutorial

August 11th, 2012 | Posted by Emma in Crafts | Quilting | Tutorials | Uncategorized

My mom showed us a fun art project the last time she came to visit…and you’ve just got to try this. Whether you have kids to do it with or want to make some beautiful fabric to quilt with, this is a project where you will love the process as much as the result!

Supplies Needed:
Large can of shaving cream
Dynaflow or other liquid fabric dyes (dropper top helps)
Toothpicks, skewers or popsicle sticks
Credit card (or even better a flexible plastic discount or membership card)

What to Do:
1. Squirt out an amount of shaving cream onto a table (you can cover the table with a plastic table cloth or tinfoil if you like or work on a paper plate, but it will wash off, so this is not necessary); smooth it out with a credit card until you have an area about the size of your fabric square and 1/2″ thick or so (depth doesn’t really matter!)

2. Drip drops of dye onto the shaving cream.

3. Swirl the drops of dye using your toothpicks or similar sticks.

4. Gently lay your fabric on top and pat it down onto the shaving cream.

5. Lift up and turn your fabric down onto a clean section of table; scrape off the shaving cream with a credit card.

6. That’s it! You can reuse the shaving cream or scrape it off the table and start over. Experiment like crazy, the possibilities are endless! Use lots of colors or just one, swirl in straight lines (try using a comb!) or all around. If you don’t like the end result, use another pass of shaving cream and dye right on top…some of our best pieces were made in a few rounds.

7. To clean up your work surface, use your card to scrape all the cream off your table into a plastic garbage bag. Then wash the table with a damp cloth. Your marbled fabric can be rinsed or washed or even used as is. Follow the directions on your dye if it needs to be heat set or fixed.

Here’s a picture album of our process:
You’ll notice that this is a project even small children can do! Just make sure they are wearing paint shirts, because the dye will stain clothes. But the shaving cream makes clean up very easy…and good smelling!

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