by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, artist & quilter

Heart Sachets

These are so fun and easy to make, you could hang one on everyone’s door for Valentine’s Day, fill a basket of hearts or make one for all of your friends….

Click here to download a printable pdf pattern & template.

1.  Optional – Create a patchwork heart for the front side using a crazy quilt method or improvisational piecing to arrive at a piece of patchwork at least as big as the template.

2. Cut out two hearts from the template. (one patchwork, one solid fabric)

3. Pin right sides together. Cut a 7″-10″ piece of ribbon and sandwich it in the heart with the raw ends at the point marked “attach hanger” pull the looped end into the area marked “leave open” so that you won’t sew over it.

4. Sew 1/4″ seam, leaving marked area open for turning.

5. Clip curves close to but not through the stitching. Turn right side out.

6. Stuff with polyester fiberfill. If desired, when almost all the way full make a little well in the center and add some dried lavender buds, then stuff a little more fiberfill on top of the lavender.

7. Stitch the opening closed with a ladder or overcast stitch. Hang or give to someone special!

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  • avatar Ilse Gopal says:

    Hi, I made quilted hearts for my home, a few years ago. I wanted to make new ones for others and looked on the internet for nice patterns. I found it here. This site is great!. Thanks, Ilse.

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