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Paintsticks on Fabric

March 6th, 2008 | Posted by Emma in All | Quilting

My mom came for a visit and brought a new art medium to show me and let me try: Shiva paintsticks on fabric. I had to choose a stencil design. I used an applique pattern, then traced it onto freezer paper and cut out all the pieces carefully with an Xacto knife.
Paintstick Stencil
I chose fabric and ironed the freezer paper parts onto it, putting all back together except for one color area. I used a stiff stencil brush and slowly built up the paint color in thin layers, rubbing from the paper onto the fabric and around in little circles. That’s why the paper in the photo looks painted.
When the first color was finished, I ironed those pieces of paper back over the paint and removed the next color area pieces. After getting used to the process, I tried blended two colors to make a nice pink to purple blend.
One Painted Applique
The finished piece had a translucent painterly quality. I really like the effect! You can reuse the freezer paper stencils, so I made a four-patch.
Four-patch painted thistle
Now I need to decide how to make it into a finished piece!
Hopefully, I’ll publish that soon, too.

Credits: Ginny Thomas showed me this technique, Nancy Kazlauckas taught Ginny, The design came from Piece O’ Cake Designs’ Book: Flowering Favorites.

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