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Once a Quilter, Always a Quilter

July 20th, 2010 | Posted by Emma in All | Quilting

Before I was a quilter, I sewed. I embroidered, made stuffed toys, sewed clothes and pillows and just liked to try projects with fabric…but I obviously didn’t know any of the rules of quilting….

I just rediscovered an old project I made 10 years ago, while waiting for my first baby. It’s reallly cute, but I obviously didn’t know what I was doing. I made a quilted wall-hanging without a stitch of QUILTING!  I remember taking it down because it had gotten saggy. It’s also a set of pockets, so after years of holding toys and small books, the fact that there was no quilting holding it together made it look bunchy and wrong.

So yesterday, I fixed it.

Because “Once a Quilter, Always a Quilter”, I couldn’t just leave a quilt un-quilted!!

Click the images to see them bigger.  And I apologize, I don’t remember where I got this idea!! I think it was a book but I can’t be certain. If I figure it out, I’ll surely let you know, because I want to give proper credit. It was a great idea! And so fun to make. Look at all those rows of fancy stitches and reverse applique that I had fun with.

It’s still not a masterpiece of quilting. The sandwich, of course, didn’t lay quite flat anymore, so there are some bunches. But I’m now proud to call this a little quilt!

Kind of funny to have finished a 10-year-old UFO that I didn’t even know was a UFO! But it shows there’s always room for improvement.

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2 Responses

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    Also gotta love that the Princess and the Pea quilt hanging was what you made when you were pregnant – and you have two boys (no girls)! ahaha! I remember this, though, very cute! Cuter now…incredible stitching.

  • avatar Emma says:

    Ah, I did start it before I knew Conal would be a boy! :) …but the sweetheart did let it hang in his bedroom for the years we lived in Hugo…It looked great in his brightly painted room.