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Free Motion Quilting Project

December 8th, 2011 | Posted by Emma in Design | Quilting | Uncategorized

Recognize this?

Well, if you quilt, you should! It’s a great source of inspiration for free motion quilting! From Leah Day’s blog Free Motion Quilting Project.
The above is a pic of the place to go to see all Leah’s designs in a Flickr gallery. Handy for finding what you want on a quilt…then go back to her blog to watch the video on how to make it…Easy! Free Motion Quilting Design Flickr Gallery

How about this?

Free Motion Quilting Project

Well, you probably don’t because I just designed it. It’s Leah’s new logo for her blog. I hope you see more of it now and visit her blog often.

She wrote a nice post about it here, with a link to my professional graphic design site and a button you can copy to put in the sidebar of your blog, if you have one!

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2 Responses

  • avatar Linda H. says:

    Oh! That’s you!? I saw that Leah had a new logo, but I never followed the link to learn that it’s you. Wow! What a coup for you to get such exposure. Great work, Emma.

  • avatar Leah Day says:

    I’m so pleased with the new logo Emma! Every time I see it I marvel at how profession it looks. SO much better than anything I designed previously for the job. There’s just some things you need someone else’s input on, ya know?

    Thanks again!

    Leah Day

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