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Baby Quilt for Jenna

August 1st, 2012 | Posted by Emma in Quilting | Uncategorized

Hi! I have another baby quilt project to tell you about. This one my mom and I worked on together for our family friend, Assi, and her new baby. Assi, from Finland, lived with us as a foreign exchange student in high school, so we consider her part of the family. She calls me aunt Emma!! I really hope to meet her daughter someday. We made this in the spring, but I didn’t want to write about it until the quilt was received in Finland. Now I can gaze at the photos she sent me of her sweet baby on her quilt!

I found the pattern in the book Block Party: Modern Quilting Bee so I knew it would work as a group project. But I didn’t know how well our stashes worked together! Seriously, when you look at this quilt, you would not be able to tell who made which blocks. We didn’t get all the fabrics in the same room until the blocks were done! We each had some of the focus fabric (the butterflies) and chose scraps from our stash to coordinate with that. I think our minds think alot alike!

This block was really fun and improvisational. (You can read about how we made the blocks here) I love the scrappy look, but the larger areas of white tie it all together and make it a nice calming quilt. Jenna’s mommy says she loves the butterflies! That fabric was really beautiful, with shiny swirls in the white areas around the butterflies.

My mom did the quilting in waves along the scrappy strips and with free-motion butterflies in the white spaces, she did a beautiful job!



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